Used & Overstock Furniture

Here at Office Furniture Eugene, we believe there’s a better way to create innovative office space. Too many companies are throwing out perfectly good furniture well before its intended lifespan has ended. Quality-built furniture – the kind of furniture we supply – is capable of a very long life before being tossed into a landfill.

To reduce our footprint, Office Furniture Eugene increases the lifespan of office furniture by:

  • Repurposing furniture on-site when possible, helping to keep projects on-budget
  • Making modifications to existing furniture
  • Storing used equipment with lots of life left for other clients or individual needs

Our used and overstock furniture means incredible deals for our clients and individual customers. A selection of our available used and overstock furniture can be found below. Our warehouse is not open to the public, so contact Office Furniture Eugene with your specific needs to find out if we have the office furniture and equipment on hand for your job.

Herman Miller Cubicles

Dimensions: 66″L x 66″W x 67″H
Quantity: 8 Complete Stations (this is an all or nothing sales offer)
Price: $8000

  • 3 worksurfaces per station
  • Maple, gray and black Finish
  • Numerous Power and Data Ports
  • Price includes delivery to Lane or Douglas County

Race Track Shaped Conference Room Table

Dimensions: 21’L x 60″W x 29.5″H
Quantity: 1
Price: $1800

  • Custom Conference Table
  • 3″ Maple Veneer Top
  • 3 Matching Rectangular Cable Management Bases
  • Numerous Power and Data Ports
  • Price DOES NOT include delivery