Conference Spaces

Your conference area should be pleasing to sit in, make a statement about your business, and contain everything you need to land your next client – white boards, screens, projectors, data ports, extra electricity ports, and more. Whatever your conference room demands, Office Furniture Eugene can supply it.

Conference room planning and installation can be difficult and, if not planned properly, very costly. As part of our discovery process for your conference room project, our experts will come to your office and measure your space to ensure accuracy in planning.

With an understanding of how much space we have to work with, we can then review the needs for your conference space and build a plan accordingly. How many individuals does this room need to sit, and can they be accommodated? Will this room be used for presentations, and what equipment will that require? Would a racetrack-style table better facilitate the kinds of meetings taking place here?

We’ll also consider any specialized equipment that may be required, including white boards, smart boards, tack boards, display screens and video teleconferencing needs. Buffets or cabinets might also be required for storage. Sound control, lighting, data, and telephone and microphone connections will also be considered to ensure you’re getting the most value possible out of your conference room, promoting communication and collaboration with your staff and customers.

All of this will result in a free space plan with options to review.